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Thursday, May 17th 2012, 12:23pm

Create areas to build outside the walls

Test for the basic data link (eng)

Exploit discovered by "Herbert".

To create available space outside the max. extended walls, you have to find places near the wall to create new roads, that extent outside the walls.

Please make sure you saved the game before you start trying to create roads outside the wall.

1. Step is to build 5 buildings near the gate in the following way:…05a44f20cbe0060

2. Step is to remove the building except the one shown in this picture:…9cea48c1771be3a

A new road will be created after removing the last building.

Search for a place inside the city wall where you can reate another road, that crosses the existing new road outside the walls.

3. Step do the same as in step 1:…51e0fe38b3ac3fc

and remove the buildings exept the last one.

4. Step:…1832f512506cde6

here the removing diddn't cause the wanted road. So you will have to build a building again.

5. Step:…890efebf3b7f110

and remove it again. The new road will be created in more than 90%.

6. Step:…4f291b93b64c932

After the second road is created, try to find the corner, where the two road meet and place a building there.

7. Step:…ba157cc32ed8fc7

now you can use the new availabel space to build as much building as you can.

8. Step:…692b14074fa023c

If you still have problems, have a look at this thread in german:
Vorstadtausbau für Fortgeschrittene

You may not understand the text, but the pictures will give you some examples how to create space outside the walls.

May thanks again to Herbert for finding and explaining the exploit.

There is nothing more horrible than a won battle, exept a lost one.

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